Tuesday, January 27, 2009

daily sketch - 27

Hey guys, so I've been doing this thing where I do a sketch a day now. This is tonights (jan 26, but i always seem to have a habbit of drawing them at 12am the next morning... does that mean i'm always one behind? who knows).

So far, so good. Even if I miss a day, it's already happen, I make sure to make it up by doing an extra the next day. Hopefully it never gets up to the point where I need to make up 200 in a day. ;)

Monday, January 26, 2009



What's up everyone! When I said 2009 was the year of the hustle, I wasn't jokin around! The new version of http://www.jtapp.com is up, just in time for the Year of the Ox. Give it a look, lemme know what you think. If you love it, tell me, if you hate it, don't tell me... (I'm sensitive...) Either way, hope you enjoy it!


P.S. Big thanks to Tishon for all the CSS help! quick plug-> http://www.tishon.com